I'm so stoked you're here! Although I'm born & raised in Minnesota, I've always been a beach girl at heart. If I lived near the beach you could find me there everyday. I would live in the water if I could; preferably the ocean. 

Since I'm not currently near the ocean 24/7, most days you can find me: drinking iced coffee (yes, even when it's below zero outside), eating Chick Fil A, snuggling with my puppy Leo, and scrolling on Pinterest. 

Heyyy! You can call me Danielle, Danielle Marie or D.Marie

Minnesota based Destination wedding + elopement photographer for the 

easygoing couple.

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My favorite couples are the ones who aren't afraid to get their feet dirty.

My top 3 favorite shows are (in no particular order): The Office, Jane the Virgin, Greys Anatomy

I  lived in Florida for a year and learned how to surf!

I don't like warm cookies out of the oven...don't come for me! My favorite is to eat them frozen

Fun Facts About Me!

February 26-March 5// Orlando & Jacksonville, FL
May // North Carolina 
June 11-13th// Iowa
June 18-20th // Duluth, MN
December // San Antonio, TX


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I'm always traveling somewhere new!

 The travel schedule is based on where I will already be traveling to in 2021!

There are NO TRAVEL FEES for these locations!!

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